LOLER Press Release

Fork Lift Truck & Plant Scotland (FLTPS) is a Local Company at the Forefront of a National Safety Drive

LOLER Press Release
FLTPS are Pioneers of a New National “MOT” Scheme for Forklift Trucks.

LOLER Thorough Examination Press Release

Fork Lift Truck & Plant Scotland has become one of the first companies in the UK to be accredited to deliver a new national scheme for Thorough Examination – a forklift truck test equivalent to a car’s MOT.

Like the MOT test, but much stricter, the Thorough Examination procedure is a legal requirement that applies to every fork lift truck in service – including hired trucks.

Unlike an MOT, it even applies to trucks as young as a year old.

Importantly, the user is responsible for ensuring that the forklift truck has a valid document.

To become accredited, Fork Lift Truck & Plant Scotland had to demonstrate a capability and commitment to adhere to a strict Quality Assurance Procedural Code.

“We are delighted to have been accredited to carry out this procedure, it is clear evidence of our competence and an indication that we are among the UK’s top companies when it comes to thorough examination testing of fork lift trucks”, said Phil Renner.

Fork lift trucks play a vital role throughout British industry.

The new scheme we are delivering answers a pressing and long recognised need for increased confidence when it comes to their safety.

It was developed with the close co-operation of the Health & Safety Executive and finally provides a comprehensive, practical package meeting all the requirements of the crucial but complex LOLER 98 and PUWER 98 legislation.

Everything is underpinned by stringent quality assurance and accreditation processes and has been subject to whole-industry consultation.

To explain why the new inspection process is so significant just “Imagine if there were no cohesive national system for assessing the safe condition of cars. Imagine if garages were allowed to decide for themselves how to carry out MOT tests. Imagine if a MOT certificate issued by one garage was based on criteria and practices which differed widely from those used by another. Imagine if there was no one to oversee the process nationally and ensure consistent high standards. This is very much like the situation which has applied to forklift truck test examinations…until now.”

Fork Lift Truck & Plant Scotland will inspect fork lift trucks, access platforms and other lifting equipment throughout Northern England and Scotland, its documentation bearing a distinctive quality mark that will also appear on a special sticker applied to every truck that passes the examination.

Only companies which are accredited to the scheme – like Fork Lift Truck & Plant Scotland will be allowed to use the certification and quality mark.

We do NOT sell or repair forklifts so therefore will give a totally unbiased test – we do not gain anything by failing equipment because we do not do repairs.

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The Thorough Examination quality mark is the user’s key to complete peace of mind.

“By opting for an accredited company you can rest assured that you are complying fully with the law and that your Thorough Examinations will be administered efficiently and carried out to the highest professional standards.”

For further information please contact: FORK LIFT TRUCK & PLANT SCOTLAND.