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Crane Operator, Slinging & Banksman Training
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crane operator training
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Crane Operator, Slinging & Banksman Courses

We run a full range of nationwide courses for novice and experienced operators for any of the following crane types:

  • Pendant / Remote,
  • Mobile,
  • Cab Controlled,
  • Lorry Mounted.

We also offer training for basic and advanced banksman / signalling and slinging courses on site, in order to meet with the specific needs of each customer.

A description of courses and course lengths can be seen below, for further details of course lengths and costs, please contact us and our training manager will phone to discuss further.

Training Courses Currently On Offer

Crane TypeOperator ExperienceCourse
Pendant &
Remote Crane
Novice2 Days4
Experienced1 Day4
Cab Controlled CraneNovice3-4 Days3
Experienced1 Day3
Mobile CraneNovice3-4 Days3
Experienced1 Day3
Lorry Mounted CraneNovice2 Days3
Experienced1 Day3
Basic Slinging
& Signaling (banksman)
Novice2 Days5
Advanced Slinging
& Signaling (banksman)
Need 5 years
experience on the job
1-2 Days5
Refresher course
(to renew
advanced licence)
1 Day5

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Crane Operator Training Courses

All FLTPS crane operator training courses are approved for accreditation with BRITTOP or to in-house standard if companies prefer that. All using LOLER & PUWER 1998 regs. and approved by the HSE.

NOTE for crane operator training courses, access to cranes must be supplied by the candidates.

Crane Operator Training Course Content

The crane operator training course we offer includes:

  • The essential principles of crane operation and what they mean in practice.
  • How to maintain your crane to the recommended standards.
  • How to operate your crane efficiently, including the use of different attachments.
  • What you must do to ensure the highest standards of safety while operating your crane.

Our crane operator training courses cover the following cranes:

  • Mobile crane operator training,
  • Tower crane operator training,
  • Lorry crane operator training,
  • Pier crane operator training.

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Crane Operator Training

Our crane operator training course covers the following topics:

  • Health and Safety, PUWER, LOLER and maritime regulations.
  • Crane Controls and components.
  • Pre-Operational, start and function checks.
  • Maintenance and recording.
  • Cargo and stability.
  • Weather conditions.
  • Visibility options.
  • Rig environment.

Key learning points that are covered during the course are:

  • Pre-Job Planning Be considerate with controls + Type and Design
  • Offshore Environments Dockside Environments
  • Enable loading and unloading to or from moving vessels

We also cover issues to do with loading cranes:

  • Containers,
  • Awkward loads,
  • Pipe Racks,
  • Anchors.

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The banksman course is for employees who act as yard banksman.

Banksman courses are designed to give banksman candidates a better understanding of safe guiding and signalling techniques for vehicle and plant movements.

Normally a banksman course is a one day course (refresher) depending on the number of candidates. We limit 5 banksman candidates maximum to a course.

Note that the banksman course takes place at the workplace so as to be relevant to the employee.

Through the course,

  • staff are made aware of dangers, hazards and safety related issues,
  • correct and effective signals are learned during the banksman course,
  • safe working practice is given and encouraged in all banksman courses.

A nationally recognised certificate is given on successful completion of the course.

Practical Slinging Course

The slinging course is designed to provide delegates with a knowledge and understanding of items of slinging equipment and their correct uses, as well as the ability to plan routine slinging tasks for safe operation of slinging tasks.

Delegates successfully completing the slinging course will receive a certificate and a photo ID card, valid for three years.

Practical slinging course usually last 1 day depending on experience. Delegates must hold a Safe Slinging & Lifting Appreciation course certificate before attending this course (refresher 1 day).

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